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Competitive Intelligence Podcast

Welcome to the Competitive Intelligence podcast archive! Here you will find classic episodes of the CI Podcast.

May 3, 2006

Summary of the SCIP06 keynote by Professor Clayton Christensen and some related thoughts.

Arik Johnson
over seventeen years ago

Hi August - nice to see you at the DC-SCIP meeting last week. Craig is always flush with insights as a speaker.

I just visited your podcast site and listened to your take-aways from Orlando and I really appreciated your take on Christensen. Well put. The ideas he\'s aggregated and/or developed are so elegant and influential that he was the only keynote on my list as conference chair when I was invited to take on the job. Coming back from last week\'s board meeting and hearing the briefing from next year\'s chair, Michael Sperger, New York is poised to be even better:

Looking forward to listening in to the rest of your podcasts and nice job coordinating SCIP\'s DC Chapter.

All the best,

- A