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Competitive Intelligence Podcast

Welcome to the Competitive Intelligence podcast archive! Here you will find classic episodes of the CI Podcast.

Shameless Self-Promotion and a Quick Update

Nov 10, 2007

Belated greetings!  Any rumors of the demise of the CI podcast are over-stated.  The MBA and the day job are keeping me very busy, and I'm looking forward to a day when I am able to get back to interviewing CI experts.  In the interim I wanted to say hello and bring to your attention a few interviews I have given recently-- it's something to be on the other side of the microphone or paper.

First, let me bring to your attention the Jenerous podcast.  Producer Eric Mattson has put together a great podcast to help innovative marketers share their expertise with other marketing professionals.  The podcast is specifically geared towards technology entrepeneurs.  You can hear the interview here.

CI Podcast friend Alessandro Comai (interviewee for episode 19) co-edits a Spanish-language magazine for CI professionals called Puzzle.  In the latest edition they published a translation of my interview about the relevance of podcasting for CI as a tool for training and sharing CI products.  I've included the interview as published (as well as the text of my original interview in English) here.

I am very eager to hear your suggestions for future episodes of the CI Podcast.  Please send me an e-mail if you have thoughts, suggestions or contributions about the following:

  1. Any real-world war stories about CI collection or presentation.  What worked, what didn't and what did you learn?
  2. Primary and secondary collection methods
  3. Best practices in CI collaboration
  4. What does a quality CI product look like?

Thanks for your continued support and all the best!

August Jackson
over sixteen years ago

No, not abandoned. On \"hiatus\" while I finish my MBA. Thanks for the note.

Data Mining Blog
over sixteen years ago

abandoned podcast? :(